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So what is the main difference between XHeader V XHeaderPro?

The pro version of XHeader shares the same popularity as the free one, after all, the both use the same engine, and both produce some great headers.

Download XHeader free version here…

The answer is simply the awesome amount of header templates, our pro version comes fully loaded with a staggering 5000 free header templates, ready to use.

Check out all the various category of header graphic templates available.

  • Action and Adventure

  • Animals and Pets

  • Arts and Drama

  • Beauty

  • Books and Reference

  • Business

  • Children and Babies

  • Comics and Cartoons

  • Computers and The Internet

  • Cookery

  • Culture and Heritage

  • Designs and Graphics

  • Dieting

  • Education and Learning

  • Families

  • Fantasy and Magic

  • Film and Entertainment

  • Fitness and Exercise

  • Flowers

  • Food and Drink

  • Gadgets and Communication

  • Games and Hobbies

  • Gifts and Presents

  • Healthy Eating

  • Holiday Season

  • Home and Garden

  • Law and Government

  • Medical and Healthcare

  • Military and War

  • Money

  • Music and Audio

  • Nature and Wildlife

  • News and Information

  • People – Female

  • People – Groups

  • People – Male

  • Photography

  • Real Estate

  • Religion

  • Romance and Dating

  • Science

  • Seasons

  • Sports

  • Transport

  • Work and Employment

  • World

Download XHeader free version here

Website header images free with XHeader

With all the excitement and buzz generated by XHeader Pro, it is easy to overlook the fact that XHeader can be downloaded for free. And although the pro version comes with an enormous 5000 header images to manipulate and edit yourself, the free XHeader program also has free header graphics to get you started.

 The free XHeader

When I discovered the XHeader header design software for free online for creating my new website’s header, I wasn’t expecting much for free. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found out XHeader was more than powerful enough to create the professional looking header I wanted. XHeader impressed me with an easy to use interface, simple software layout, and professional results that made me look like I’d been using graphic design software for years.

Keep reading details on why I found XHeader to be a solid addition to any blogger or web-master’s toolkit.

Ease of use:

One of the first things I noticed about using XHeader was the easy to use interface. XHeader provides a great visual header creation system that lets you build your headers without learning any difficult graphics software techniques. Since XHeader is designed to focus on doing one thing at once, it is able to have a simple, straightforward interface that anyone can jump right in and use. The XHeader website offers a great tutorial for getting started, but I found it so easy, I didn’t even need the tutorials.

One major problem you may find with graphics software is saving at a quality level that will load quickly without sacrificing looks. XHeader makes choosing a JPG quality level when you save extremely simple and allows you to preview the results as you go. The appealing visual interface makes it incredibly simple to just jump right in and start creating your website header.


Most of XHeader’s ease of use comes from the program’s consistent and easy to understand layout. When I started XHeader, I had no trouble finding all the functions I needed to work on my header. XHeader walks you straight through choosing a header image, creating a website title, and altering both as you see fit. Everything is arranged in a logical and consistent manner that allowed me to go directly to what I wanted to do, as soon as I wanted to do it, without ever touching the tutorial.

Professional header images

I was very pleased with the professional looking results I was able to achieve with such a simple piece of free software. XHeader is so easy to use that I had expected the results to be lackluster, at best. I was wrong.

 While the interface may not be complicated, the power to create a professional header is definitely there. XHeader provides everything I needed for giving my website a solid and professional looking header, with the simplicity coming from focusing on only creating headers.

I was especially impressed with the images XHeader made available for me to use with my website. I went ahead and registered to get the 500 images package, and I wasn’t disappointed. There was a wide variety of professional looking header images available, enough to match any style of website design and content. With the image set XHeader offered, I had no problem making a professional looking header that fit in with my website.


I was impressed by XHeader, and I can solidly recommend the software to anyone looking for a way to create a professional looking website or blog header without being a Photoshop pro. XHeader gave me all the tools I needed to work on my header without bogging itself down with pointless extras that would complicate the interface. XHeader is solid software, and I’m amazed it’s being offered for free.

I have since upgraded to the pro version, which is the same software program, but I now have 5000 header images to choose from, at only $37, it’s a no brainer.

Download XHeader here

XHeaderPro Launch

XHeaderPro launches today! The XHeader Pro Box

To see all the 5000 header templates for you to work with, head over to the XHeaderPro website today.